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ZHOR - ca. 3 jähriger Tricolor Rüde

Unser herzerobernder ZHOR ist ein junger tricolor Rüde, der sehnsüchtig darauf wartet eine Familie zu finden, die ihn wirklich für immer behalten wird. Leider musste unser Schatz die Erfahrung machen, dass nicht jedes zu Hause auch gleichzeitig für immer bedeutet und er hofft nun, die richtigen Menschen zu finden.


ZHOR kam wohlauf und gut gelaunt am 16. Dezember 2023 im Setterland an.

He is very kind and gentle, he constantly seeks contact with me. He follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom, he doesn't want to be alone for 2 minutes so he comes with me, if I close the door he barks and I don't want to stress him out.

He was quite calm this afternoon, he slept a lot, but he was very stressed and with the trip, it must have tired him.

Otherwise he played a little with a stuffed animal, but mostly he explored the house.

He is very curious, I take a book, he wants to inspect it. A room he doesn't know, he wants to push the door to see what's inside. If I blow my nose, he inspects my handkerchief or he wants to see what I take out of my pocket.

The journey went very well, he lay on top of me in the car and slept.

Then when he got home, he went straight in as if he knew it was his home. That impressed me.

I'm already starting to play with him with treats to teach him to listen. So far he sits well when I have to put his leash on him and he waits (he probably already did this in his foster family). He's waiting for his bowl too. He passes by the cat's bowl without going to eat his kibble.

The meeting with the cat went well.

He is very curious and sociable, a little fearful of what he doesn't know, but his curiosity quickly takes over. He doesn't have an ounce of aggression, he's not dominant.

After the vet, he came with us to our store. I feel like as long as we're with him, we can take him everywhere with us, he's happy. As long as I'm in his field of vision, he's happy.

Tomorrow will be the first day he comes to work with us.

Widerristhöhe: XXcm

Gewicht: XXkg


16.12.2023 ZHOR hat sein Zuhause in B-Seraing gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit seiner Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unseren Tricolor Rüden und seine neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

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