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TONJA - ca. 9 Monate junge Orange Belton Hündin

Unsere Schönheit TONJA ist eine ca. 9 Monate junge zuckersüße Orange Belton Hündin. Gerade noch rechtzeitig konnte unsere kleine Maus vor dem sicheren Tod gerettet und in die schützenden Hände von JESTER übergeben werden. Denn, wenn unser JESTER die kleine Settermaus nicht sofort abgeholt hätte, wäre sie getötet worden.


TONJA kam wohlauf und zunächst etwas schüchtern am 30. April 2022 im Setterland a.

TONJA has settled in with our family very well so far. Her personality is mostly calm, loving, playful, and she seeks a lot of attention and personal contact.

In the first days she was tired and did not each much food, and then had diarrhoea. After visiting vet she prescribed some medication for the diarrhoea and also for Giardia, and now she is better.  She is eating more regularly, though not yet dried food. We have been taking Bella in our garden and for short walks in the local area, which she enjoys.

TONJA bonded with Jemma very strongly at first, and she was upset when Jemma left for short periods. In the last few days she has also begun to seem more happy with me and our daughter, and has calmed down a bit when Jemma leaves the house. Our next challenge will be to have Bella sleep alone in a room without Jemma being in the same room.

We believe that TONJA may have had some basic puppy training, as she is almost sitting on command, and had reduced her habit of jumping up when excited by simply instruction. Once she does not have Giardia we look forward to doing some more training with her, which we think she will respond well to.

Widerristhöhe: 56cm

Gewicht: 16kg


30.04.2022 TONJA hat ihr Zuhause in CH-Rüti gefunden und wird nun ein aufregendes, sicheres und ausgefülltes Leben mit ihrer Familie führen!

Wir freuen uns sehr für unsere Orange Belton Hündin und ihre neue Familie!

Das Setter Rescue Germany Team!

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